Introduction: sì // see // c

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sì:  The Italian word for yes. When read aloud, the blog name sounds like saying yes, yes, yes in Italian. I studied in Florence for a semester and the experience helped me develop the confidence to be able to say yes to so much more, including deciding to start this blog.

see: This blog is about not just looking, but also seeing. I love reading beauty and lifestyle blogs, and I’m very drawn to visually pleasing things, but I want to also explore deeper issues behind the way things look and seem. As an Art History major I have a lot of practice in looking at artistic mediums not just as beautiful images, but seeking to understand the social and historical significances they contain and insights they raise. I will share thoughts on topics I’m interested in such as art, design, personal style, skincare and makeup, and other forms of visual culture. But I will also seek to delve below the surface of these seemingly superficial topics and approach them with a critical eye. I will attempt to develop a socially conscious understanding of these topics, but while still having fun with them. I believe that if we can think critically about topics we enjoy we can come to a deeper level of appreciation, one that is thoughtful and informed.

C: The first letter of my name. As an extreme introvert, I have struggled to come out of my shell and learn to take pride in myself and believe I have something to offer others. This blog will be a collection of my reflections on my journey to recover from shyness into a more confident and empowered woman, and reveal my inner experiences with shyness.




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