Full Moon Friday

I’m drawn toward moon iconography, much the same way that the ocean tides are pulled to the moon. (I’m not entirely sure if that’s an accurate analogy; physics was not a subject I excelled in). The moon and womanhood have a long history of association, mostly due to the cyclical nature of the lunar phases and menstruation. While men were associated with the sun for much of history (think Apollo and King Louis XIV), and it’s no denying the sun’s importance, I’m partial to the more understated aura of the moon, that doesn’t need everything to revolve around it to be important. Here are a few moon items that make me happy for this full moon Friday.

I made this DIY moon wall hanging last summer and hung it from the wall in my senior year dorm room.


This moon phases scarf.


I just bought these sterling silver ear climbers on Etsy that I’d had in my shopping cart for over a year and I’m so glad I finally did!


This Moon is Feminist Art tank from this Etsy seller.





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